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What Kind Of Finishing Meals You Should Have During The 21 Day Fix Diet Program

When eating your rice or some kind of carbohydrates foods, you can add some seeds, dressing or oils. It will act as a finishing touch for your meal. That kind of foods are sunflower and sesame seeds, peanuts, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, olive oil coconuts, walnut oil, and nut or seed butter.


Foods that you should avoid while doing 21 day fix diet program

When you are having lunch during work, maybe you are having lunch at a restaurant. Then you must remember that you are doing a diet program, so you must avoid some foods such as melted, breaded, fried, crispy, smeared, smothered, and creamy foods. However, the one that you must avoid the most is fast-food restaurant.


Drinks that’s good for 21 day fix diet program and what you should avoid

The best drink for you 21 day fix diet regimen is of course a plenty of water. Ice cold water is better for your diet to make your body inside work harder than normal water. Keep in mind that you should avoid alcohol and soda contained beverages.